Flurry Folk

Flurry Folk Snowmen friends and family gather around sharing whimsical gifts and confectionary treats with heartwarming affection. Rosy cheeks, Top Hats and Bonnets adorn our frosty folk in nostalgic style reminiscent of holidays past. With a playful color pallet of bright Red and Green accented with icy blue and frosty pink, this snowmen collection is perfect for displaying in your kitchen and family rooms delighting adults and children of all ages. Flurry Folk’s vintage influenced kitsch adds an element of fun that sits comfortably in both a contemporary or classic Christmas home.

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Flurry Folk Snack Plate With Spreader, Set of 4


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Flurry Folk Chip and Dip


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Flurry Folk Footed Bowl with Spreader


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Flurry Folk Salt and Pepper


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Flurry Folk Snack Plate With Spreader


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Flurry Folk Dated 2017 Ornament, Removeable Date Tag


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Flurry Folk Travel Mug


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Flurry Folk Mugs, Set of 2


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Flurry Folk Trivet


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